VitaSoniK MED - Ultraschall

More than 500 specialists and clinics already trust the innovative and mobile Therapy-System

VitaSoniK® MED is the new effective treatment method for therapy supportive measurements and an addition for existing health-care treatments.

Advantages VitaSoniK® MED

Behandlung Knie

  1. can be integrated in every therapeutical treatment concept               
  2. transportable and mobile use 
  3. battery driven - 2 hours battery life in continuous operation       
  4. handy and only 150g lightweight
  5. daily treatments in practices, institutes, clinics, nursing- and rest homes, i. a.
  6. treatments outside practices 

a. sportclubs (directly at playing-fields)

b. companies (in offices)

c. house visits directly at the patients

     Applications VitaSoniK┬« MED

Therapie Unterarm

  1. for the therapy accompanying treatment by pain and sport injuries
  2. medical beauty and dermatology treatments
  3. by treatments of sticky fascia (tissue)

Schnittwunde vor der 1 VitaSoni<i>K</i>├é┬« MED BehandlungH├â┬Ąmatom nach der 1 VitaSoni<i>K</i>├é┬« MED Behandlung

VitaSoni<i>K</i>® Ultraschallbehandlung nach 7 Tagen

Treatment success of haematoma and incised wound

  1. treatment excample haematoma (riding accident)
  2. treatment excample incised wound (shards of glass)

to the effectiveness


Successful treatment of Dr. Frondorf

  1. Dear VitaSoniK® Team

    please find below the report of a patient, female, 56 years old.
    The patient is severely bent over working in the garden.

    Diagnosis: midfoot sprains

    The foot of the patient looked very bad. During the treatment period it was not protected. The treatment was performed exclusively with the VitaSoniK® system. The healing of the foot is more than amazing. If you do not themselves seen (experienced) had, you would not believe it. The patient was on treatment success and over the course of treatment over excited.

    The treatment period was one week.

    With best regards
    Dr. Frondorf

    H├â┬Ąmatom vor der ersten VitaSoni<i>K</i>├é┬« BehandlungH├â┬Ąmatom nach der 8 VitaSoni<i>K</i>├é┬« BehandlungH├â┬Ąmatom nach 7 Tagen der VitaSoni<i>K</i>├é┬« Behandlung

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VitaSoniK┬« MED is approved by T├ťV NORD Polska Sp.z o.o. ul. Mickiewicza 29 40-085 Katowice / Polen CE 2274

  1. All VitaSoniK® MED Systems are given a sound examination certifcate.
  2. The manufacturer is entitled to issue the measured sound data.
  3. Fa. Tecilla cosmed UG / VitaSoniK® Production UG achieved a calibration certificate from Physikalisch-Technischer Bundesanstalt (PTB)