VitaSoniK HOME - Ultraschall

Experience also the fascination of the effective
self treatment for home and travelling

More than 3000 specialists and their more than 100.000 clients (patients) have been trusting  the VitaSoniK┬« effectiveness now for many years. To treat yourself regulary with  VitaSoniK┬« treatments is of benefit
for your own body.

Our own family's health and well-being is the most important asset in our lives.

  1. To pamper yourself with a VitaSoniK┬« HOME treatment in a naturally way is high-quality and long-lasting care.
  2. The  VitaSoniK┬« HOME Edition is easy and safe to use. It can be used mobile and versatile for face- and body treatments.

  3. for example:

  4. by treatment of problem skin ( cosmetic acne ), reduction of wrinkles, thread veins, pigment disorder and many more problem areas.
  5. The effectiveness with VitaSoniK┬« compatible products can speed up the lead to the desired result and improve already after a few treatments visibly and noticeably.

VitaSoniK┬« HOME treatment successDer erste VitaSoni<i>K</i>├é┬« Behanlungstag im Selbstportr├â┬Ą

  1. Visible success by treatment of problem skin ( cosmetic acne )

To Effectiveness

VitaSoniK® HOME - range

  1. consisting of:

1 St. VitaSoniK® HOME
1 St. Holz-Etui

1 St. Ladeger├Ąt / Netzteil

1 St. Handbuch / Behandlungshinweise auf CD oder USB

1 St. Verpackung