VitaSoniK COS - Ultraschall

The new VitaSoniK┬« COS Treatment Method is already convincing more than 3,000 professional users due to positiv treatment results

The VitaSoniK┬« COS treatment is the newest treatment concept in leading
beauty- and cosmetic institutions

  1. Already more than 3,000 professional users and their clients trust and rely on the VitaSoniK┬« treatment success. Fascinating effectiv and easy to use in cosmetic applications for face and body.


  1. For reducing of wrinkles, blemished skin (cosmetic acne) und many more problem areas. The effectiveness improves your clients treatment results visibly and noticeably. The VitaSoniK┬«  treatment can be integrated into every cosmetic plan, can effectively speed up the achieving of the treatment goal and can the skin effective and visible regenerate.  

angelina jolie VitaSoni<i>K</i>® cos System 100% made in Germany


  1. Secure yourself an innovative advantage with VitaSoniK┬« Cos  treatments and increase at the same time your revenues.
  2. Quick profitability due to a short amortisation period.
  3. Increase of customer satisfaction (customer loyalty) due to quick achievement and visible treatment success.

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VitaSonik® COS treatment success

  1. Visible successful outcome of treatment of mature skin
    to combat formation of wrinkles (neck and decollete).

To Effectiveness 

                                                                                                                         Quelle: "Wohlf├â┬╝hlkosmetik & Wellnes Sch├â┬Ân am Rhein"

VitaSoniK® COS und HOME Ultraschallsystem KombipaketSuccess concept of combi packages

  1. Intensify and generate increase in additional income with a
    VitaSonik combi package.

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