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At a time of rapid changes to see a vision realized a rethink is required for yourself and in lots of other areas as well.
New thinking on the basis of scientifically founded competence and emotional motives is
therefore the source of innovative thinking and acting.

Our result
A  unique realized idea are our  VitaSonik® Systems. The worldwide unique solution is
offering benefits and has users raving about it.

VitaSoniK® High Tech Systems are not only unique and high-grade quality products with a groundbreaking
technology 100% made in Germany but above all a fascinating experience.

Welcome to the new level of penetration efficiency

100% made in germany

The VitaSoniK® treatment method

                     Regeneriert                                                       Vitalisiert                                                      Fasziniert

      Treatment success impure skin                    Treatment success thermal Imaging                  Treatment success haematom


      Wirkeffekte VitaSoniK COS/HOME                             Wirkeffekte VitaSoniK MED                                     Wirkeffekte VitaSoniK SPORT


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VitaSoniK MED Ultraschall im medizinischen Bereich

The medical CE approved, worldwide unique and transportable MED-Treatment-System for therapy-supportive measurements in specialist institutes.

VitaSoniK COS Ultraschall im kosmetischen Bereich

The worldwide unique Beauty-System for skin renewal and vitalizing treatments by professionals in specialists institutes, e. g. cosmetic studios

VitaSoniK HOME Ultraschall für zu Hause

The worldwide unique and transportable home system for the whole family, possible range of applications: acne, antiaging, cellulite, i. a.

VitaSoniK SPORT Ultraschall im sport Bereich

The worldwide unique Sport - Treatment - System, for self treatment  before, during and after sport.

Medical application:
health clinics, therapy centers, medical specialists, sport physicians, physio therapists, alternative practitioners, i.a

Cosmetical application: cosmetic studios, wellness-, beauty- and SPA treatments, make-up artists, mobile cosmetic professionals, i. a.

Home application:
everybody (men/women) who place great importance on a beautiful, healthy and well cared for skin.

Sport application:
suitable for sports enthusiasts, top athlets and professional athlets, who want to achieve a fast and effective regeneration of tissue and musculature due to sport related pain.